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Innovative Grants Program

The 2017 Award process is closed! Stay tuned for info on the 2018 cycle.

See all awardees here.

NIPLH Executive Advisory Board:
John Balmes at John.Balmes@ucsf.edu
Paul Blanc at Paul.Blanc@ucsf.edu
Courtney Broaddus at Courtney.Broaddus@ucsf.edu
Esteban Burchard at Esteban.Burchard@ucsf.edu
Carolyn Calfee at Carolyn.Calfee@ucsf.edu
George Caughey at George.Caughey@ucsf.edu
Hal Chapman at Hal.Chapman@ucsf.edu
John Fahy at John.Fahy@ucsf.edu
James Frank at James.Frank@ucsf.edu
Steve Hays at Steven.Hays@ucsf.edu
Laurence Huang at Laurence.Huang@ucsf.edu
Stephen Lazarus at Lazma@ucsf.edu
June Lee at June.Lee@ucsf.edu
Michael Matthay at Michael.Matthay@ucsf.edu
Dean Sheppard at Dean.Sheppard@ucsf.edu
Neeta Thakur at Neeta.Thakur@ucsf.edu
Paul Wolters at Paul.Wolters@ucsf.edu
Prescott Woodruff at Prescott.Woodruff@ucsf.edu

Application Timeline

Application Due October 14, 2016
Grant Selection Notification December 1, 2016
Start Date January 1, 2017