1st Year Fellows

1st year fellow

Class of 2022
Narges Alipanah-Lechner, MD

Narges Alipanah-Lechner

Katherine Malcolm, MD

Katherine Malcolm

Alexander Mohapatra, MD, PhD

Alexander Mohapatra

Christopher Molina, MD

Christopher Molina

Martin Rofael, MD

Martin Rofael

Leslie Seijo, MD

Leslie Seijo

Sky Vanderburg, MD

Sky Vanderburg


2nd Year Fellows
2018-19 Fellows
Class of 2021
Nancy Allen, MD, PhD

Nancy Allen

Aaron Baugh, MD

Aaron Baugh

Max Cohen, MD, PhD

Max Cohen

Julia Maheshwari, MD

Julia Maheshwari

William McKleroy, MD

William McKleroy

Mohamed Seedahmed, MD, MPH

Mohamed Seedahmed

Vaibhav Upadhyay, MD, PhD

Vaibhav Upadhyay



3rd Year Fellows
2017-18 Fellows
Class of 2020
Alison DeDent, MD

Alison DeDent

Bhavika Kaul, MD

Bhavika Kaul

Anita Oh, MD

Anita Oh

Alyssa Perez, MD

Alyssa Perez

Aartik Sarma, MD

Aartik Sarma

Elizabeth Yu, MD, PhD

Elizabeth Yu

Beth Shoshana Zha, MD, PhD

Beth Zha


Research Fellows/Clinical Instructors

Class of 2016-17 Fellow

Class of 2019
Vincent Auyeung, MD, PhD
Vincent Auyueng


Christopher Berger, MD

Christopher Berger

Brian Block, MD

Brian Block


Research Fellows/Clinical Instructors 

2015-16 Fellows

Class of 2018
Juan Caraballo, MD

Juan Caraballo

Maya Kotas, MD, PhD

Maya Kotas


Research Fellows/Clinical Instructor s

2014-15 Group Photo

Class of 2017



Chief Fellows

The Chief Fellows are vital to the continued improvement of the program. Chief Fellows serve a leadership role in the program by representing the fellows and providing input on curriculum development. They facilitate communication between program leadership and the fellows, and serve as fellow representatives on important committees in the program.  

Bhavika Kaul

Bhavika Kaul, MD
Chief Fellow
[email protected]





Class of 2019
Sudhamayi Bhadriraju, MD
Tyronda, Eillott, MD
Elliot Naidus, MD
Siyuan Ni, MD

Class of 2018
Daniel Calabrese, MD
Erica Farrand, MD
Nicholas Kolaitis, MD
Lekshmi Santhosh​​​​​​, MD
Richard Wang, MD


Class of 2017

Robert Brownell, MD
Jonathan Budzik, MD, PhD
Hilary Faust, MD
Michael Podolsky, MD
Michelle Yu, MD, PhD


Class of 2016
Bryan Benn, MD, PhD
Ajay Dharia, MD
Katie Famous, MD, PhD
Sherri Khatami, MD
Nicholas Kwaan, MD
Nina Sung, MD
Jessica Tsui, MD


Class of 2015
Cindy Kanegai, MD
Brett Ley, MD
Farzad Moazed, MD
Mihir Parikh, MD
Priya Shete, MD
Sofya Tokman, MD
Joshua Vasquez, MD

Class of 2014
Oscar Estrada, MD
Michael Guarnieri, MD
Carolyn Hendrickson, MD
Archana Jayakumar, MD
Ryan Kern, MD
Susan Pasnick, MD
Kelly Sweerus, MD

For more graduates, please contact the fellowship coordinator, [email protected]


Alumni Network

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Annual Fellow Retreat Photos

2017-18 Fellows Retreat 

2017-18 Class Fellow Retreat

Fellows Dinner


Fellows Retreat


2016-17 Fellows Retreat

2016-17 Fellow Retreat

Fellows Retreat

Fellows Retreat

2015-16 Fellows Retreat

2015-16 Fellows Retreat

2015-16 Fellows

2015-16 Fellows