Basic Biology


UCSF is one of the leaders in basic lung biology, exploring fundamental principles that govern immunology, stem cell biology, matrix biology, developmental biology, genetics, and cell biology in the lung.  Our labs span across multiple campuses, including Parnassus Heights, Mission Bay, ZSFG, and SFVAMC.  Below are the labs with their respective research focus.

  • Dean Sheppard Lab
    Molecular mechanisms underlying pulmonary fibrosis, roles of TGFbeta activating integrins in suppressing immune responses to tumors and use of synthetic biology to develop cell-based therapies for pulmonary fibrosis.

  • Mark Looney Lab 
    Acute lung inflammation and injury with a focus on the innate immune system including neutrophils, NETs, and platelets.

  • Erin Gordon Lab
    Understanding the molecular basis for asthma (and allergic disease) genetic risk.

  • Mallar Bhattacharya Lab
    Understanding how monocytes and macrophages regulate inflammatory responses and provide cues to other cell types in subtissular niches.

  • John Fahy Lab
    Exploring disease biology in airway diseases such as asthma, CF, and COPD with an emphasis on mechanisms of epithelial cell dysfunction and of mucus gel pathology.

  • Paul Wolters Lab
    Utilizing novel animal models and translational studies to define cellular and molecular mechanisms that cause lung fibrosis. 

  • Aparna Sundaram Lab
    The role of cellular tethering in smooth muscle force transmission in asthma.

  • Kamran Atabai Lab
    Understanding the role of cell-mediated collagen degradation in regulating the severity of fibrosis

  • Anthony Shum Lab
    Basic research using mouse models and human cells to study the pathogenic mechanisms underlying Mendelian autoimmune disorders that affect the lung.

  • Ari Molofsky Lab
    Defining the cells and signals that control lung type 2 immune responses in health and disease"

  • Pao-Tien Chuang Lab
    Molecular mechanisms of lung development, repair and tumorigenesis. 

  • Hal Chapman Lab
    Molecular mechanisms of lung progenitor repair and small-molecule strategies for inhibiting TGF-beta in fibrotic lung disease.

  • Esteban Burchard Lab
    Population-based genetic studies in admixed populations to study health disparity.

  • Chris Allen Lab
    Use of in cutting-edge microscopy to visualize interactions among cells in the lungs and lymphoid organs that ‘prime’ cells for immune responses.

  • David Erle Lab
    Using regulatory genomics to understand mechanisms of airway epithelial cell reprogramming in asthma.

  • Michelle Yu Lab
    The role of platelets in cystic fibrosis pathogenesis.

  • Feroz Papa Lab
    The role of airway epithelial ER Stress/ unfolded protein response in lung diseases.

  • Stephen Nishimura Lab
    Mechanisms of airway remodeling in COPD.

  • Tien Peng Lab
    Mesenchymal-mediated alteration of the stem cell microenvironment and its role in lung diseases.

  • Max Krummel Lab
    Dynamics of the immune synapse.

  • Mark Ansel Lab
    The role of MicroRNAs, transcription factors, and epigenetic regulation in control lymphocyte development, differentiation, and function.