Innovative Grants Program

Nina Ireland Program for Lung Health: Call for Grant Applications


This is a unique year for crafting the Nina Ireland RFA.   Due to the pandemic there is profound worldwide suffering since we first designed the Nina Ireland RFA 2021 last Spring.  There are hardships on Pulmonary Division members that were not anticipated.  Therefore, we are adapting the RFA FY21 to these perilous times.  This year, the Nina Ireland funding will be based on need and funds should be used to assist applicants in developing their academic career (research, clinical or educational)

The challenge for the division is how to be fair and helpful given the COVID-related academic and personal hardships on the lives of our Division members.   In the prior 10 years of the program it was always difficult to judge research grants.  This year it will potentially be even more difficult to evaluate the impact of submissions based on individual need and impact.  This difficulty will be compounded by having no expectation of the number of submissions, specific needs and cost.  We would ask that your proposals reflect what you need so we can best share this Pulmonary resource among our colleagues in a meaningful and fair way.


Applicant Requirements

The applicants must be 4th or 5th year fellows or Assistant Professors in the Pulmonary Division.


Application Process

Applications must be submitted by December 15th, 2020

The core application must be no more than two pages exclusive of biosketches and budget justification.


For questions regarding this application, please e-mail Matthew Lau at [email protected].


NIPLH Director:

Jeffrey Golden at [email protected]

NIPLH Executive Advisory Board:

Esteban Burchard at [email protected]

Carolyn Calfee at [email protected]

Hal Chapman at [email protected]

Stephanie Christenson at [email protected]

James Frank at [email protected]

Antonio Gomez at [email protected]

Akiko Hata at [email protected]

Steve Hays at [email protected]

Laurence Huang at [email protected]

Meshell Johnson at [email protected]

Lorriana Leard at [email protected]

Michael Matthay at [email protected]

Rupal Shah at [email protected]

Dean Sheppard at [email protected]

Neeta Thakur at [email protected]

Paul Wolters at [email protected]

Prescott Woodruff at [email protected]


Application Timeline

Application Due December 15, 2020
Grant Selection Notification January 15, 2021
Start Date February 1, 2021
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NIPLH RFA FY2021 Application