Innovative Grants Program

Nina Ireland Program for Lung Health: Call for Innovative Grant Applications
The NIPLH is seeking proposals for innovative research in pulmonary medicine. Proposals likely to have the most impact will be funded at up to $50k per year for 1–2 years. In addition to high quality of science and innovative approaches, other key components of impact include projects likely to lead to extramural funding for which there is no alternative source of seed funding available. The 2019 Request for Application (RFA) will consider any topic in Pulmonary medicine, however projects related to the underserved and health disparities, locally and globally, will merit special consideration. View attached form for details, applicant requirements and instructions. Deadline: Monday, November 12, 2018.

For questions regarding this application, please e-mail Matthew Lau at [email protected].


NIPLH Director:

Jeffrey Golden at [email protected]

NIPLH Executive Advisory Board:

Paul Blanc at [email protected]

Courtney Broaddus at [email protected]

Esteban Burchard at [email protected]

Carolyn Calfee at [email protected]

Hal Chapman at [email protected]

John Fahy at [email protected]

James Frank at [email protected]

Akiko Hata at [email protected]

Steve Hays at [email protected]

Laurence Huang at [email protected]

Meshell Johnson at [email protected]

Lorriana Leard at [email protected]

Michael Matthay at [email protected]

Rupal Shah at [email protected]

Dean Sheppard at [email protected]

Neeta Thakur at [email protected]

Paul Wolters at [email protected]

Prescott Woodruff at [email protected]

Application Timeline

Application Due November 12, 2018
Grant Selection Notification January 7, 2019
Start Date January 7, 2019
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NIPLH RFA FY19 Application