COMET is a UCSF study that is collecting biological samples of blood, respiratory secretions, and viral shedding in nasal secretions from COVID-19 coronavirus patients in order to identify immunophenotypic features for the development of effective therapeutic interventions. The COMET study is closely aligned with the multi-center IMPACC study funded by the NIH’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), and eligible participants from COMET will be included in IMPACC.

Here is a list of the clinical and research team members from UCSF and ZSFG. Learn more about the COMET study on the COMET website

Comet Study clinical team



Ansel and Spitzer Lab

As part of the COMET Consortium, the laboratories of Dr. K. Mark Ansel (Dept. of Microbiology & Immunology) and Dr. Matthew Spitzer (Dept. of Otolaryngology) are conducting high dimensional analysis of the inflammatory cytokine storm in COVID-19. The main goal of these studies to deploy our expertise in mass cytometry and cellular analysis of blood and airway samples to fully extract critical information about systemic and local immune cell populations and signaling states over the duration of COVID-19 disease.


The Immunophenotyping Assessment in the COVID-19 Cohort (IMPACC) study also works closely with COMET. The IMPACC immunoassay group is led by Max Krummel, PhD, and Prescott Woodruff, MD, MPH, together with core leaders Walter Eckalbar, PhD, Chaz Langelier, MD, PhD, and Michael Wilson, MD. The UCSF COMET study will be included in the NIAID-supported multicenter Immunophenotyping Assessment in the COVID-19 Cohort (IMPACC) study.